How to play
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1. How to enter into the stage

Click on the stage door to play game.

2.How to match 3 monsters

You need to put three same-color monsters in a line to make a match. Click on a monsters, hole onto it, then swipe with an adjacent monster.

3. How to make specials by matching monsters

You need to match four or more same-color monsters in a line to make Bombs and/or Magic Hammer called specials. Vertical/X/Round Bombs and Magic Hammer make powerful effect when matched. See monsters page for more details.

4. How to clear the stage

Every stage has its own mission to complete. Accomplish the mission to clear the stage with 1-3 stars. Please refer to mission page for more details.

5. How to move up to next floor

Clear ALL stages on the same floor (no need to clear the stage in numerical order) to move up to next floor. If there are stage 45 and 46 on the same floor, you need to clear all two stages in any order to go up.

6. How to unlock the next episode

Each episode consists of different concept of challenges, you’ll be meeting with new blockers in every new episode. You need 3 Golden Keys to unlock the next episode and there are 3 ways to earn them. 1) Wait 6 hours for one free Key, a total of 18 hours is needed. 2) 2) Buy Keys at the shop either with 4,000 game coins or $0.9 cash. 3) 3)Ask friends to send you Keys.

7. How to defeat the Boss

You may see big colorful stage doors in the Monster Tower, and they are the Boss stages. Match monsters surrounding the Boss or combine specials (Bombs and/or Magic Hammer) together to attack the Boss. Matched monsters will burst to damage the Boss, and he’ll slowly lose his life. When the life of Boss is decreased to 0 he’ll be eliminated from the board.

8. How to do with the Hero Challenge

Hero Challenge is a special stage you can play after clearing a regular stage with a crown symbol on. Clear that stage with 3 stars then you’ll be able to play the Hero Challenge. Earn hero crowns, extra game coins, and get higher scores by completing the Hero Challenge.

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